First We Need Cultural Evolution!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 03/29/2018 - 05:28

Our goal is to bring cultural values to the surface, model technological singularity, and to start the process of human cultural evolution. To examine scientific theories as well as other theses and value systems falling outside the scope of officially accepted categories. Media observation, creating civil control and adequate information organization.

Even though our theme "Technological singularity" was not represented among the categories made eligible for voting by Google, they, in accordance with our initiative, established the University of Singularity during the evaluation period. We were delighted to learn about the establishment of a University of Singularity in the USA, and are continuously working on the establishment of a Hungarian counterpart. In addition, we regard as great success the module making government operation transparent, the genocide monitoring and alert system, as well as the so called "crisis tracking system". A lite version of the latter, thanks to Hungarian developers, is in operation here.

A short extract of the application submitted:

WOWS is a Hungarian initiative that was submitted as a proposal (in each category) to Google's "Project 10 to the 100th" call. WOWS is an open (as opposed to a secret) society above politics to be established in order to provide reliable information to people. It is basically made up of two main elements:


I. Delegation: representatives of different cultures, religions, international organizations, countries and companies. The delegates continuously work together. Their work can be followed and monitored by users via the internet and traditional TV broadcast, just like in a reality show. Monitoring is continuous during working hours. The broadcast is delayed for security reasons. The society uses an application package similar to Wikipedia with necessary extensions in order to increase work efficiency.


II. Registered users who have access to the information base. Users apply a voting system (among others) to prioritize emerging topics.


The initial topics are as follows:

- Clean (renewable) energy worldwide

- Ancient knowledge, natural healing, paranormal activities and science today

- Technological singularity; Human cultural evolution

- Global threats to Earth's vital system

- Real-time world map: famine, illnesses, viri, catastrophes, etc …


The application also contains a business plan to ensure continuous sustainability. Világbiztonság will go on working on the implementation of the scheme regardless of the results of the evaluation process!


Related IT developments, together with our present status report, are available via the Planning and Development Office  here. It, among others, includes the development of a software package that demonstrates, using up-to-date technology, "hidden or celestial knowledge", the connection between cultures, on the basis of material findings and artifacts on the Earth.


We are extremely grateful for the encouragement and the help offered so far for implementing the contents of the technological addendum. At the same time, because of the time factor and the complexity of the system, we would welcome and appreciate any further assistance.